The Mental Health/Illness Depiction (MHID) Test

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The Mental Health/Illness Depiction (MHID) Test

Case Study
A short case study video from my Independent Study presentation introducing the MHID Test.

The Mental Health/Illness Depiction Test (or, MHID Test) is a guiding framework that I designed as part of my Individual Study for a class project. The test provides a set of questions that identify whether a videogame has a depiction of mental health in it, and if so, whether or not that depiction is significant to the narrative or development of a character. Through identifying how mental health and illness is depicted in videogames, we can begin to create a set of guiding principles that help us determine what makes representations of mental health beneficial and educational or damaging.

This video exists as a small introduction used in my overall presentation, which I would like to further develop into a longer video essay.


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