The Endangered Wines Project - Case Study

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The Endangered Wines Project - Case Study

Video Project
A case study video for a student project, developed with Brooke Beam, Corey Hambly, Ann Shoan, and Grace Geary.

It's hard to state how important wine really is. Sure, it's a drink that most people love (and some even curate their whole personalities around), but wine goes a lot deeper than that. Wine brings people together. Wine is something we celebrate and mourn with. Wine has been used for religious ceremonies dating six thousand years ago and it still used in the same way today. Wine isn't just a drink. Wine is culture.

So what happens when that culture is threatened?

The impact of climate change on the wine industry has been intense over the last few years, with things like wildfires and floods threatening both the livelihoods of people and the industry as a whole. While it might not be something that you can look out your window and see happening, you'll soon be able to look in your cabinet and see the effects.

So what can we do?

We sought to answer this question by creating the Endangered Wines Project - a first of it's kind wine protection program that raises awareness about climate change's effect on the wine industry.

The Endangered Wines Project produces an annual report called the Endangered Wines List, which details wines and vineyards affected by climate change. Users can access the list to see how specific wines were affected, the stories from those vineyards, and even information on what they can do to help.

But we didn't stop at a list.

We created communications materials, both on socials and out-of-home experiences, as well as partnered with brands and sellers with specially marked bottles than support vineyards affected by climate change. And finally, we created educational tasting experiences and a pledge for both winemakers and wine lovers to sign, so anyone can commit to protecting the drink we all love.

The Endangered Wines Project wants to do more than protect wine - we want to protect everything that it stands for.


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